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Chrissy Holt

Managing Partner


Few factors contribute more to business success than culture.

Culture includes the values, beliefs, behaviors, artifacts, and reward systems that influence people’s behavior on a day-to-day basis.

It is driven by top leadership and becomes deeply embedded in the company through a myriad of processes, reward systems, and behaviors.

The question is: are you defining your culture?

Or is your culture defining you? Think about that. We do.

Organizations don’t change. It’s the leadership and the people in the culture who have a vision, a strategy, and a tactical plan that change the culture. When a company’s culture is clearly aligned with business strategy, it attracts people who feel comfortable in it, which in turn should produce a high level of engagement. Conversely, programs to improve engagement often reveal cultural issues, forcing the company and its leadership to question and change its values, incentives, programs, and structure.

To be successful, a strategic culture must be both intentional and integrated. We help you design a culture that is aligned with your mission, vision, and values. Then we help you determine the competencies and behaviors you need from both leaders and employees to live your vision and mission consistently, every day.

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