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Maura Connor



Why I founded Catalytic Solutions
As an Integrator with over 20 years of experience in COO and other executive roles, I enjoy unifying leadership teams and helping owners translate their strategies into actionable and growth-oriented plans. Learning the culture of a company and engaging teams to transform and scale the business drives me. By applying a proven framework to assess processes, people, and data, I cultivate a culture of accountability and harmony with the owner's vision. I have served as an Integrator for companies that run on EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and successfully implemented these tools to align executive management, empower informed decision-making, and increase company value for acquisition.

Driven by a passion to enable owners to achieve sustainable growth, I founded Catalytic Solutions to help busy founders and visionaries mitigate the chaos of everyday operations so they can attain both professional and personal fulfillment. I provide a framework and peace of mind enabling owners to step away from the daily operations in their businesses so they can focus their passions and vision on growing their businesses.

What I bring to your leadership team
I am a results-oriented operations executive who has built and led high-performing teams across multiple industries. My experience falls across both for-profit and non-for-profit entities; from small founder-led and PE-backed companies to larger private and publicly traded corporations. Across all these roles, I led the strategic execution of corporate initiatives; product innovation, development and go-to-market strategy; organizational transformation and process improvement; and professional services and client experience. I am energized by solving problems for clients, bringing products to fruition, developing and mentoring people, strategic planning, analyzing markets for opportunity and simplifying complexities to realize efficiencies.

On a personal note
I balance my career and an active family life with my husband and four children. I spend nearly all my free time outside--gardening, hiking, sailing, or pursuing my artistic endeavors in nature. With the help of an executive coach, I developed a mantra which I consistently apply in my life both with work and family:

Listen and focus,

Show gratitude,

Ask for help,

Avoid blame and complaint, and

Find the value in every person.

Last, but definitely not least, my motivation comes from two primary sources: my family and doing the right thing.

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