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Ways to Engage

Get Involved: Get Involved

A big reason for joining a networking group is to develop your business and find new ways of connecting with others in your community.

Bucks County Business Women's Chapter strives to create an environment that promotes genuine, mutually beneficial relationships by fostering collaboration between knowledgeable professionals and potential clients.

Leadership | Education | Networking | National Recognition

Creating a powerful setting for members to grow their client base, expertise, and improve their chance for success.


Remember that it’s called networking because it’s work.


Talk to others, join the conversation and spread your brand message to really get the most out of your membership. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your business!

Career Center

My Apex Campus

ABWA is committed to creating accessible, affordable and innovative learning opportunities that will prepare you to respond to the challenges and opportunities you experience at any given moment. As a National member, you can choose from a diverse collection of online courses in ABWA’s Apex Campus. We welcome learners of all ages, educational backgrounds and career paths who are motivated to Login through their account and chart their learning journey!

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