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BCBWA Member Benefits

Connect. Grow. Thrive. 

Connect with talented women in the Bucks County area

You never know who lives in your neighborhood! By connecting with local professionals, you can become familiar with the resources available in the area, such as government grants, business development programs, and more. We can help you tap into these resources, saving you time and effort and increase your chances of success. 

Furthermore, when we meet people in person we build authentic and honest bonds that go beyond business—they're the foundation for collaboration, support, and lasting friendships.

Stay inspired and motivated

Staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge and it can be tiring going at it alone. Our community is here to empower you, to help you grow, and to celebrate your achievements along the way. Together, we rise!


Don't miss out on the opportunity to surround yourself with driven women who understand your challenges and cheer for your victories.


Connecting with like minded women

We are calling all fierce, ambitious women in business to join us! When you connect with other professionals, you have the opportunity to learn valuable business advice from those who might have different experience or knowledge than you.


Bounce ideas off other members, explore new ventures and listen to genuine feedback from those who may or may not be in your market but could provide a unique perspective.

Engaging Speakers & Events

BCBWA prides itself on hosting high caliber women speakers at each monthly event meeting.  Our speakers offer current information and best practices for success on a variety of topics. What sets us apart from other women's groups is that you will walk away from each meeting with education, solutions and actionable steps to face the most common small business problems you encounter.


Every meeting concludes with a lively Q&A segment with our expert speakers. You'll develop greater business insight and knowledge. 


Developing New Clients and Customers

As you build relationships with our members, you tap into a wealth of opportunities, partnerships, and resources you won't find anywhere else. Our network spans various industries and niches.


Expand your reach! 

What are you waiting for? 

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