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Buck County Chapter ABWA Contest

Vice President & CMO

898 Glendale Ave. Palm Bay, FL 32907


Vice President &  CMO

Adaptive Marketing Group, LLC and WiX Website Design Contest Guidelines
• Contest Rules -Contact Susan & Laura
• Must be an active chapter member for 12 continuous months.
o Specialized html coding Word Press design is available but will does not qualify for free website design.
o Site content, i.e., menu items, online store products, portfolio, and other site ‘content’ will need to be submitted in ‘csv’ format. (template will be provided)
o Customized logos, photos, videos, music, Podcast, news feeds, articles, brochures, documents & copywrite items will need to be provided by member. Otherwise, stock items will be used.
• Domain will need to be hosted and/or transferred to a WiX Website Premium Package platform. Showcase package costs- (WiX On-Sale Prices $9-19.50 month)
 E-Commerce requires a WiX Business E-commerce- financial integration package. (WiX On-Sale Prices $13.50-$24.50 month) *
• Credit Card, PayPal, banking transactions
• QuickBooks ™
• Online shopping
• Online restaurant, delivery or take-out ordering
• Online shipping
• Paid Subscription plans
• Digital On-demand Printing
• Affiliated Marketing, i.e., Amazon, EBay, Etsy, etc.
• E-fund raising
• E-event scheduling, booking, reservations, hotel, hospitality and AirBnB
• E-ticket sales
• Revenue generating integration with Google AdSense, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
• Chat and Instant Online Messenger
• Online E-Course, E-books, E-College, etc. Books
• E-Real Estate
Dynamic Showcase Included Content Pages
1. Main Landing Page
2. About Page
3. Content/ Portfolio/ Project Page or Services Page
4. Member/Employee Page
5. Blog Page
6. Disclosure/Privacy Page (Content provided by Member)
o Dynamic Engaging, Responsive & Multilingual Sites
o Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Designs
o Virtual Engagement, video content
o E-Lead Capture, Site Chat, Messenger Chat
o E-marketing contact automation
o Google Mapping
o Calendly and/or Google Calendar Embed
o Cookies, Do Not Sell Data, CCPA & GRPA Compliant
o UserWay ADA Accessible
o Advanced CRM *
o E-Marketing & Automation *
o SEO- Search Index *
o Analytics, Meta-tag embed *
o Site and Application Tracker
o Custom Logo & Brand Design & / QR Code
o Zoom Virtual Conferencing Embed*
o Social Media Pixel link & Digital Design *
o Social Media, i.e., Facebook Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.*
• WiX offers over 300 site applications. Many are free.

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